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The Hamilton Pride 2017 committee was constituted from interested community members at an open LGBTQ town hall in November of 2016.

There were two main questions that evening:

*What values does your ideal Pride include?

*What activities does your ideal Pride include?

We had over 100 individual answers to these questions and when we clustered the events and clustered our collective values, we were left with a clear direction moving forward.

When it comes to events, we are proud to present with our partners and sponsors over two weeks of programming that is fun, inclusive, informative, and important.

The core values of our communities have driven the hard work of your Hamilton Pride committee members the past seven months, they include:

Solidarity Building: reach out to old and new allies, partners, and accomplices

Inclusivity: recreating and creating new space that is safe and safer for all LGBTQ2S Hamiltonians including newcomers, People of Colour, folks who multi-identify, families, seniors, PHAs, and youth

Political: Pride is political, our communities embrace positive self-expression, challenge monologues, reject homo-nationalism, reject homo-colonialism, and homo-gentrification

Historical: We believe our stories must be preserved, and commit to physical documentation of Pride

Safety: We believe the safest spaces are those we ourselves create and will wherever possible self-secure LGBTQ2S spaces